Big O Bucks

Buck hunting permits and tips


Buck Hunting

Buck hunting is the oldest game of America for survival and entertainment. Meat and antlers are the two main reasons people hunt bucks. Buck hunting is the favorite sport for many due to the limited hunting season and unlimited outdoor challenges. Controlling the buck population is the main aim of hunting bucks.

The estimated deer population in the USA is 30 million. At an average, the top hunting states in the USA have 20 deers per square mile (PSM) and has huge scope for hunting. The number is higher in some states such as Mississippi, Alabama, New York, and so on. Controlled hunting areas are preferred as the chance of getting the buck are higher.

Big O Bucks Hunting

Male deer are known as bucks which grow antlers about one year after birth. During the rut (mating) season, bucks use the antlers to fight for their mate. The antlers are decidious and fall off every winter due to the reduced testosterone after the rut. Hunters can also collect the antlers during the shed season which are commonly found in the bedding or feeding area of the buck. It is also common for the hunters to set up supplemental feeding to attract the bucks.

Bucks tend to be herbivorous and eat a lot of soft mast. They sometimes become omnivorous to feed on dead animals. Bucks are less mobile and often roam around in the limited familiar areas. However, they are hard to catch because of their natural ability to detect the hunters. If a buck is suspicious, it will not return to its area and move away from the danger zones.

Bucks are harvested in designated hunting areas and there are stricter laws in place for buck hunting. Mature bucks are targeted as they have limited movement and young deer hunting is banned in most of the hunting zones.


Different types of permits exist for hunting Big O Bucks. The Department of Natural Resources oversees the licensing permits of buck hunting. The fee is different for land owners, military, youth, resident, and non-resident hunters. The fee also changes with the type of hunting such as archery, firearm, muzzleloader, and so on.

The permits can be bought through approved vendors near you or online. There may be a waiting period or a lottery for the permits in some areas. Some over-the-counter permits may cost more and some permits are issued through paper applications only.

Big O Bucks Permits

The number of buck hunting licenses are published in June for the deer hunting season of that year. The number of licenses issued for either sex or antlerless are listed for public information. The licenses are time bound and have to be renewed as necessary.

Application deadlines for your type of permit required must be noted. Deer season also varies depending up on the type of permit. Status of the permit application, reprinting permits, reissuing lost/fraud/undelivered permits, and other permit management is possible through the online resources.

Permits and Licenses for Big O Bucks must be properly maintained in order to hunt during a season. A combination of customer number, date of birth, or Social Security Number can be used to track the licenses and permits you have. Some states do provide apprentice and lifetime licenses for their hunters.


Buck hunting can be achieved using a firearm, muzzleloader, or cross bow. The equipment plays a key role in the hunting as it proves to be the key accesory. Buck knives are also useful to cut open the buck for meat. Hunters do carry mini coolers to store beverages and meat.

Camouflage dresses and hats are preferred to remain hidden during hunting. Good shoes are mandatory for long walks to venture the buck spots. Supplemental feeding set up such as the posts, food, and water is also carried during the hunting.

Big O Bucks Equipment

Buck hunter checklist can be handy during the hunt season. Preparation, packing, and practice is key for good hunt. Appropriate buck hunting gear is necessary and recommended. Binoculars, tree stands, flashlights, bug repellent, hunting backpack, harness, belt for storing the small items, extra layers, rain suit, mini saw, hunting calls/spray, and so on are mandatory for hunting Big O Bucks.

Some hunters prefer minimum packing while others prefer to pack for a perfect hunt. Any options are individual choice but getting permits, informing friends or family about the trip, having a back up in case of emergency, and so on are recommended.


Big O Bucks Tips

Bucks are extremely talented and smart animals. They can easily identify human movements, smells, and sounds. Getting a buck during the rut season is very challenging for the hunter. Here are some tips for successfully hunting Big O Bucks.

  • Get acquainted with the outfitter trails and hunting zones.
  • Practice the deer calls and tree stand set ups.
  • Hike the trails and practice crawling with knee pads.
  • Scout the area quietly without any additional smells or noise.
  • Know the habits of bucks in the area and any special instructions.
  • Deer bed areas and water bodies are a good spots for set up.
  • Researching the area during the off season is good to know the area.
  • Going back to the hunting spot if unsure about a shot is good to check back.
  • Saving the meat before it rots and freezing is necessary to avoid bacteria contamination.
  • Any smelling parts of the buck can be discarded and save only the good meat.

Hunting Big O Bucks can be rewarding for the hunters if they practice some safety methods and guidelines. Having fun is the most important part of hunting Big O Bucks.